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A group Nigeria for Nigeria Movement (NNM) shall soon be launched – Pastor Tunde Bakare

A group Nigeria for Nigeria Movement (NNM) shall soon be launched – Pastor Tunde Bakare

Pastor Tunde Bakare has said a new group called Nigeria for Nigeria Movement will soon be launched. The pastor who said this also warns current government that  the “patching” of the constitution can never bring the desired change.

The pastor disclosed this in his State of the Nation address tagged: “The BlackBox of Nigeria’s Politics,”. According to him he insists that the time has come for Nigeria citizens to be informed and make compelling demands from those in authority.

He noted that the “patching” of the constitution can never bring the desired change because,the 1999 constitution has deviated from the ancient landmark the founding fathers of Nigeria set.

He explained that the formation of the NNM shall include the youths, those in diaspora and people desirous of a better change in the country.

In his stated he further noted that the youths and those in diaspora have been marginalised when it comes to voting, but this time around, everything humanly possible shall be done to get them included in the voting process.

“Nigeria for Nigeria Movement is taking the battle to the youth. We know what it is to stir them up, they won’t give the youth power until they demand for it.” He said.

Bakare while shedding more light on the essence of the movement, said certain things needed to be put in place before the 2023 general elections. He wondered why conduct of election should generate much tension in Nigeria, when it is conducted with ease in other climes.”We need to put our house in order before putting our hat to the ring. He said the movement shall be involved in open square campaign and sensitisation programs and it will not work alone, that it will work with others groups and it launch shall be with a loud noise.

On clamour for rotational presidency he wondered in what way rotational presidency has benefited the zone that produced the president. He said what is important is to look for competent hands to run affairs of the country, he however added that if rotational presidency formulae was adopted to make the country peaceful so be it.

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