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My last relationship was a disaster – BBNaija Mercy Eke

My last relationship was a disaster – BBNaija Mercy Eke

Mercy Eke has said her last relationship was a disaster. According to the winner of the fourth season of popular reality TV show, Big Brother Naija her last relationship was disastrous.

Mercy Eke said this in a video which she shared on her social media page. The caption reads:–

“My last relationship was a disaster, it was disastrous,” she said.

This follows moments after her former boyfriend and reality TV star, IK granted an interview where he said that his relationship with Mercy Eke “wasn’t it” because many people had an opinion.

According to him he said:-

“I’ve been in a couple of relationships but this one (with Mercy) wasn’t it; having a relationship where people have a million opinions just isn’t it,” he said.

Recall Mercy Eke and Ike became an item after their time during the fourth season of Big Brother Naija.  Currently Mercy has said no one should ask her after him again. She once noted she is married.

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