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Tinubu addresssed as ‘Mr President’ In London by Nigerian Lawmaker

Tinubu addresssed as ‘Mr President’ In London by Nigerian Lawmaker

Ex-Lagos Governor, Tinubu has recently been addressed as Mr President in London by Nigerian Lawmaker.

The Lagos state former governor Tinubu was called Mr President in a viral video of the visit of the Northern caucus of the House of Representatives.

The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu was greeted with “Mr President, see you soon,” to which he responded, “Thank you.”

This affirms that his ambition to become Nigeria’s President in 2023 is already a dream come true although the ex governor has not really declared his intention publicly.

However, a delegation of the northern caucus in the House, led by the Deputy Speaker, Ahmed Wase, has signaled a confirmatory position on Tinubu being positioned to succeed Buhari despite his ill health.

Speaking to the punch News it’s said that the delegation visited London to endorse Tinubu for President.

According to the statements it reads:-  “We in the North (House of Representatives caucus) are kind of endorsing his candidature because he is a national leader and you know that he is (reportedly) aspiring. Whether you like it or not, he wants to be President of this country. So, we felt that if the northern caucus of the National Assembly – in the House of Reps – would come to see how he is recuperating, we thought that it would mean so much.

“He really appreciated our coming because he said he rated our coming second after the visit of President Muhammadu Buhari. He mentioned that governors and others came but this is a mini Nigeria in the House of Reps, for the entire northern caucus to find time to come and see how he is faring.

“He stood up and walked. I’m sure you have seen the video. I think he has recovered; he is not doing badly at all – this is not politics. I think because of his age, he has to still go for physiotherapy and things like that. These are things that will take time for him to fully do some politicking. He will soon come back to Nigeria.”

However, in one of the videos from the visit, which has gone viral on the Internet, the lawmaker representing Guevara/Suleja/Tafa Federal Constituency in Niger State, Lado Suleja, called Tinubu “Mr President.”

The lawmakers were seen accompanying Tinubu to a waiting car, during which Suleja said, “Mr President, see you soon,” and the ex-governor replied, “Thank you.”

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